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Your Hair Color Experience!

Areté Alchemic Color

Beauty Through Conscious Color

Free From 2800+ harmful chemicals including:

 1700 chem. banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union

Plus additional chemicals flagged by our Areté conscious beauty counsel:

 Ammonia (replaced with MEA)

PPD (replaced with PTDS)



Animal Derived Ing.

Masterful Products that NURTURE People and TREASURE our Plant


Ground breaking new complex for HAIR HEALTH AND SCALP WELLNESS with 100 yrs old biofermanented BALSAMIC VINEGAR with RESVERATROL - nature's most powerful antioxidant.

This complex STRENGTHENS the hair while working from the bulb to promote PROTECTION from aging, damage and oxidative stress. 


At the heart of Alchemic Color is our sacred trio of cold pressed organic oils. Sustainably source from Italy. Each oil is revered as a form of Italian Gold

Rich in BENEFITS for the hair and scalp. This nutritive oil blend enhances color absorption  protects from damage and moisture loss and delivers scalp soothing properties.

POMEGRANATE OIL- (Red Oil) Natural powerful antioxidant protects, nourishes, and delivers regenerative action on the hair during the alchemic color transformation

APRICOT OIL - (Yellow Oil) High Antioxidant content lightweight consistency helps hair hold onto moisture and defend against the elements

OLIVE OIL - (Green Oil) Rich in vitamins and Oleic Acid and Squalling(which is so good for your scalp) which penetrates the cuticle to deliver intense hydration and softness.

Hair Color

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