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Holistic Experiences


The Trinity Treatment

Scalp     Hair     Soul

Nurtured Strong Healthy Luxurious Hair


Welcome to your new holistic salon experience you never knew you were missing!

Now offering The Trinity Treatment created by Andréa Cook! 

Andréa is dedicated to offering a personalized holistic experience; self love, scalp love and hair love to help you to nurture the growth of strong healthy luxurious hair! 

The Trinity Treatment include:

  • Welcoming Wellness Centering Massage

  • Deep Protein & Moisturizing Hair Treatment (Rebuilding)

  • Facial for your Scalp (Detox Scalp Scrub)

The Trinity Treatment  Experiences

Add on to any service or experience on it's own!

All services and treatments use organic and/or holistic professional products!

Prices listed below are starting prices.

Prices depend upon length and thickness of hair.


The Trinity Treatment (TTT)


This is for you if you just want to treat your hair, scalp and soul for stronger, healthier, more luxurious hair! 


Maybe for you if you want to treat to experience just how healthy your hair and scalp can look and feel innovative, plant-based proteins, holistic beauty and wellness detox treatment for the scalp, hair and mind.  

What's included:

Wellness Massage

Rebuilding Hair Treatment

Detox Scalp Scrub

Est. maintenance 1 - 5 weeks

2022-12-24 09.34.29.jpg

TTT Flower Fall Experience


This is for you if you just want to enhance the delivery of nutrients to your hair and scalp. Revitalizing and infusing your hair and scalp with a rush of healing antioxidants; a transformative experience!


Maybe for you if you want to relax your body and mind.


What's included:

Wellness Massage

Rebuilding Hair Treatment

Detox Scalp Scrub

Flower Fall Experience

Est. maintenance 1 - 5 weeks

2022-08-24 14.44.17.jpg

TTT Wellness Package


This is for you if you want to just a sample of what the experience is about!


Maybe for you if your feeling like  some balance, relaxation, and re-energizing would be nice for you, your scalp and hair!

What's included:

Wellness Massage

Rebuilding Hair Treatment

Infrared Amethyst Bio Mat

Detox Scalp Scrub

Est. maintenance 1 - 5 wks


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