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Hair Growth

Nurtured    Strong    Healthy    Luxurious    Hair

The Path to Achieve Luxurious Hair Growth

Healthy Mindset - Stress plays a huge role in our health including hair health! Healthy mindset = free of overwhelm, overstimulation, bad vibes, negative thoughts and have regular meditation, scripture, thankfulness and express love to others SEEK WELLNESS MASSAGE, BIOMAT, FLOWER FALL
Healthy Scalp -  Just like plants need a healthy growing environment, so does your hair! Healthy scalps = free of buildup, free of inflammation, DHT hormone, synthetic fragrances, and plastics and have are PH balanced (not dry or oily) SEEK DETOX SCALP FACIAL, HEAD & SCALP SPA, SCALP REMEDY
Healthy Hair Fibre -  Hair Strength is not frizzy, broken, weak, dry, and color does not fade easily. Healthy Hair = strong, shinny, well formed curls and has .vibrant color SEEK REBUILDING HAIR TREATMENT, REBUILDING HAIR TREATMENT WITH INFRARED REMEDY IRON 

You deserve to have   
Strong    Healthy     Hair    

Finding the right hairstylist can be daunting task, but committing to one who aligns with your values and beliefs, can make all the difference in the world!

Image stepping into a salon, where your stylist not only prioritizes healthy products for you and your hair, but also follows the Golden Rule of treating others, as you would want to be treated.  You will not only get pampered with personalized attention but also leave with tips and tricks to maintain you look at home!

With a stylist who has holistic practices and solutions to any hair concerns, loving you hair becomes an achievable reality!


Your Holistic Hair Salon Journey

Let me walk you through your first holistic salon & head spa visit!

Embrace the Power of Natural Beauty with Holistic Hair Wellness

  • Your unique holistic hair growth specialist's approach and organic products help you achieve the hair you always wanted.

  • Offering a variety of holistic scalp treatments that will help improve the condition of your scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

  • Wellness treatments are designed to nourish and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

  • Using only the finest organic-biodynamic ingredients in our hair treatments to ensure that you get the most out of your experiences.

What people are saying...
2022-08-01 11.09.00.jpg
Wendy B

I look forward to every appointment that I have with Andrea at Holistic Hair Wellness Head Spa!  Andréa treats, everyone so special from the moment they walk in the door. Every appointment is truly a one on one spa experience and I walk out feeling amazing after every appointment. Andrea is so well educated and teaches me so much about the holistic approach she uses.  The products she uses are top of the line, all natural, and so nourishing for your scalp. She offers an amazing menu of special services that enhance my experience.  My last appointment I experience:Relaxing Essential Oils warmed cape, Lavender neck warmer, RxBar chocolate sea salt, Aroma Tea, New Growth and Blowout, 15 min Amethyst Infrared Mat, Scalp Massage, Haircut, Wellness Massage, Photoshoot. I invite you to to make an appointment with Andrea and experience, a one of a kind spa treatment!!

2022-08-24 14.44.17.jpg
Nikki P.

Just got a fresh cut from the best! Andrea Coté Cook at Holistic Hair Wellness

Such a genuine human, who puts her heart and soul into providing services that reflect her intentions of living a holistic lifestyle.

I didn't think I could have such a wholesome experience getting my hair done, but Andrea really changes the game.

2022-10-08 07.15_edited.jpg
Alicia P

Andrea did a full consultation with me about the issues I was having with my hair, and took close up pictures of my hair roots with her special camera. She was able to pinpoint exactly what wasn’t working for me and direct me towards holistic hair products that would work best for my hair.

She then gave me a complete head, neck, and arm massage followed with some tea.

After that she did a full wash, scalp cleanse, cut and blow dry.

Throughout the entire appointment she educated me about how to care for my hair best in a holistic way, which products to use, and how to use them.

For all my friends out there, who are looking for a spa experience but with a completely holistic approach, I would highly recommend booking with Andrea. I left her spa feeling completely pampered, with a healthy hair plan, and new shampoo (that actually works for my hair).

I just touched the surface of all the services she offers, but I guarantee she has something for everyone.

***oh and I should mention she offers holistic hair dye options as well for those who want that service.

You won't regret it friend!

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