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Why do I choose these
Hair Care/ Skin Care Lines?

  • Packaged in Glass & Aluminum never plastic!
  • Never Synthetic Fragrances!
  • Beneficial for your hair, scalp, skin, and self health
  • Organic & Preforms! 

PLASTIC when in high heat (transportation from packaging to your salon; those shipping crates are not air conditioned)
-brakes down and leeches into your liquid products.
-whatever comes in contact with your skin upto 60% gets absorbed

SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES acts as an umbrella ingredient that can cover upto and past 2000 ingredients the company does not have to disclose.

-Synthetic fragrances are made with synthetic estrogen; synthetic estrogen effects our hormones and is linked to hormonal cancers. 

-everything that is inhaled on purpose or just simply passing through effects every cell in your body within 60 seconds

BENEFICIAL ingredients that improve your hair health, scalp health, skin health, mental health and your person health

-organic/ biodynamic essential oils

-organic plant hydrolats

-organic herbs 

PERFORMS  I have tried lines that are completely organic but did not perform. I always test the products first on myself to see how they perform. If I see results I will then bring them in to try on guests hair (those who would like to try) sometimes I offer samples to bring home to try. These three lines have been tested and perform!

OPTIONS They each have their own unique benefits that can be uses exclusively or are interchangeable.


Organic Salon Products
Farm to Chair



Natural Cosmetics for Hair Care

I Am Nature...


Cult + King


Get all the style & performance you want, with clean ingredients and natural fragrances. 
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