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Rebuilding Treatment

Oway Rebuilding Serum is made with an innovative Phytokeratin™ complex of 18 biomimetic acids that exactly reproduce the hair's keratin structure. It strengthens the hair by acting as "intracellular cement" for the cuticle and cortex to refill and reinforce the chains of the hair. 

Oway Ceramides F restore and strengthen both the skin and hair with a revolutionary botanical-based concentrate. Vitamin F Forte restores the skin and hair's delicate lipid barrier, creating a protective layer around the cuticle to prevent further damage. Ceramides penetrate the lipid barrier to regenerate and "fill in" missing pieces of the hair. 

Oway Hyalominerals hydrate and repair both the skin and hair with a revolutionary remineralization process. Hyaluronic Acid seals cuticle scales and binds to the hair and skin, allowing it to retain moisture and softness. Trace minerals restore the hair's matrix and help nutrients penetrate the hair.

Infrared Iron

Our cold fusion Ultrasonic Infrared Remedy Iron works to infuse the hair with our reparative products, while sealing cuticle scales and preventing further breakage.



Biodynamic Hibiscus Extract is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine for its powerful antioxidants and flavonoids that thicken hair strands, prevent premature grey and discourage split end formation.


Amazonian Plant Butters + Oils nourish and protect the hair from losing moisture and softness during technicals services.


Ceramides strengthen the hair's structure and also forms a protect layer around the cuticle without affecting the penetration of color molecules or technical service products.


Fair Trade Date Oil is rich in oleic acid and binds with proteins to prevent hair loss, while helping hair retain optimal hydration levels.

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