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Organic Facials

Touch & Clean

Standard Facial Treatment

Standard Facial Treatment using Oway's Biodynamic Organic Botanical Products.  Including Consultation over a cup of Aroma, Cleanse with Perfect Cleansing Cream, Skin Assessment, Skin Brightening with Glowing Face Gommage, Intensifying with booster, Hydrate with miracle eye complex,  Treat with appropriate mask, Nourish with appropriate moisturizer.

Duration  of Treatment 45min 



Balancing Treatment

Pre-Cleanse with Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream, Skin Assessment, Purify with Detox Body Bath and De-Stress Tonic Potion, Brighten with Glowing Face Gommage or Beautifying Body Peel and Detox Body Bath and De-Stress Tonic Potion, Intensify with appropriate Booster, Hydrate with Miracle Eye Complex, Relax and Tone with appropriate mask and De-Stress Tonic Potion with Velvet Body Fluid light arm  and hand message, Nourish with appropriate moisturizer.

Duration 1.5 hrs 



Calming Treatment

Pre-cleanse with Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream and De-Stressing Tonic Potion, Skin Assessment, Intensify with appropriate booster and Radiance Face Balm, Hydrate with Miracle Eye Complex, Treat with appropriate mask accompanied with Fabulous Body Oil and Velvet Body Fluid and De-Stress  Tonic Potion, Nourish with appropriate moisturizer.

Duration 1.5 hrs

The Lux

The Ultimate Facial Experience

Take your facial experience to the next level with the Amethyst Infrared Mat Experience and Chromotherapy/ Color Light Therapy to your scalp while enjoying your Purifying or Relaxation Facial!

Duration 1.5hrs 

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