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1106 Main St 
Union Grove , WI 53182

Holistic Hair Wellness

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Your #1 Holistic Hair Growth Specialist in the Mid-West


I'm Andréa
It's so nice to meet you

I'm passionate about doing hair the safest, healthiest and most successful way possible!   
I grew up in Woodstock IL and Pell Lake WI.  I fell in Love with the peace of country living.  
Working behind the chair since 1998,  I found my niche of providing Holistic Head.Spa experiences.  I love educating my guests on what products work best for their hair type, needs and how to use them!
When you join me in the salon, you'll see I do things completely different.  From the Atmosphere to the holistic products I offer to the chemical free air and meditation music in the background.   
Not only will you leave with BeeYOUtiful hair, but I'll set you up with weeks of success between visits with styling training and coaching!

I love spending time with my husband on my free time, on our motorcycles, in the dirt taking care of my plant babies, with my family ( 2 sons, daughter and 2 pitty's) cooking out or going for walk and hikes through the local park's trails.  I really enjoy reading and studying the bible My favorite scripture is "Love thy neighbor as thyself"  I really love being outdoors.

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Between appointments

You'll receive a series of 3 emails and text before your appointment


1. A week before confirmation email/ text to confirm, edit or cancel

2. A few days before text refill reminder to go through your products to see what you need refilled or replaced

3. The morning of text to personalize your experience


Have a question? You can reach me anytime at and I will respond within 24 hours Monday - Friday

Be my guest

I will be taking beautiful pics of your before and afters (with your permission of course) Please wear colors that you have seen throughout the website. This helps me have a more cohesive look throughout my platforms.

Before we start:

When you arrive, please check your text messages. 
I will invite you in, when your experience is ready. 
Please wait in your car until I invite you in.

I will take my time to navigate your first visit with me and all future appointments to ensure you get exactly what you need each visit without keeping you in my chair longer than you need to be.

I like to talk about gardening, cooking, exercising and even motorcycling.  Love to get new tips and I love to share mine :) 

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Keep an eye on my clients only webpage because my clients enjoy free monthly styling tutorials and other pro-beauty tips uploaded on the first of each month.

Keep an eye on Holistic Hair Wellness's social media; you may see your photos there!

Your First Visit


Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment


Free on street parking in front of salon and both side streets.


When you arrive please check your text messages.  I will invite you to come in when your experience is ready.  Please wait in your car until you are invited in. 


Welcome in with warm, relaxing and loving vibes. Enjoy a though tour of the salon and service options before we start your consultation.


Please wear brand colors 

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A consultation like you've never seen before.

Have you ever been nervous to get your hair done, especially by a new stylist?

That won't happen here.

Through my innovated consultation process, you'll be 100% confident, relaxed and excited from start to finish.

We will talk about past, present and future hair goals to ensure we create a sustainable plan you absolutely love!

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